Unit 4 Proteins

Respond to the following

1. How does the chemical structure of proteins differ from the structures of carbohydrates and fats?

2. Describe protein synthesis.

3. What are enzymes? What roles do they play in chemical reactions? Describe the differences between enzymes and hormones.

4. How can vegetarians meet their protein needs without eating meat?

5. Define metabolism, anabolism, and catabolism; give an example of each.

6. Name the four basic units, derived from foods, used by the body in metabolic transformations. How many carbons are in the “backbones” of each?

7. What adaptations does the body make during a fast? What are ketone bodies? Define ketosis.

8. Define hunger, appetite, satiation and satiety and describe how each influences food intake.

9. What is central obesity and what is its relationship to disease?

10. Describe eac

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