Training and Development Team Project

Overview of the Company (TEAM PROJECT)

“Dynamic,” a computer company similar to Dell, was established in 1992. When Dynamic first started their business, they based their strategy, culture, mission, and vision on the idea that “employees are the greatest assets.” Employees were valued, motivated, and went the extra mile to make sure customers were satisfied and productivity goals were meet. Management had an open door policy and encouraged their employees to discuss any matters with them. In addition, since the company’s culture fostered learning and development, management provided professional growth opportunities by cross-training and mentorship. Dynamic’s business strategy enabled the company to have a competitive advantage and to expand globally.

Somewhere in the process of expansion, the company’s original business strategy and mission diminished. Leadership at Dynamic now is more focused on increasing profit and global expansion; thus, is neglecting the needs of their employees. Employees are dissatisfied with the company and how it has changed over the years. With employee morale and productivity rapidly decreasing, customers are becoming dissatisfied with the service and have started to purchase products from other companies. In order to save Dynamic, the CEO has hired a consulting firm to provide a training proposal that will bring back the unity and business strategy/culture that had propelled Dynamic’s growth and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

This is where your team comes in. Your assignment is to decide on a name for your consulting firm, and to create a training proposal for the Dynamic corporation for hourly employees, professional employees, and managers and to explain how it supports the company mission/strategy/key issues. The training proposal needs to emphasize the training process model and each phase in detail.


A discussion of how you would conduct a needs analysis (3 Page APA)

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