Tracing a Piece of Legislation

In order to influence policy, you have to understand how a bill is started, moves through the legislative system, and final enacted. In this assignment, you will trace a piece of legislation from introduction to how it impacts health care or nursing practice.  Develop the assignment as if it will be used during a presentation at a conference or poster presentation.Step 1: Identify a bill that relates to health care, a social issue, or nursing practice.Step 2: Develop a poster presentation, infographic, FAQ document, or pamphlet which outlines how a bill is introduced and passed by including answers the following questions:State the legislation.Who introduced/sponsored the bill?Why did the person introduce it?Where was it introduced?Who helped to draft the legislation?Was nursing involved?Which committees were involved?Was it authorized?Was it appropriated?Did it make it out of committee?Was it enacted?What is the impact on health care or nursing practice?

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