Social Justice Project  Instructions (60 points; 20% of overall grade):


To increase your awareness of the current issues surrounding marginalized groups in our society and social action aiming to reduce oppression, you will research and create presentation materials on a social topic. The project materials should cover the following elements:


  • A presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, creative video, podcast, pamphlet/booklet) and discussion of the main issues faced by your chosen population
  • The presentation should contain:
    • Relevant background information on selected topic/population.
    • Relevant statistics on your population (e.g. 14.5% of Americans lived below poverty line in 2012)
    • A discussion of the strengths that your population possesses (i.e., although your population will most likely be disadvantaged and marginalized in some ways, also talk about ways in which they are resilient, powerful, valued, influential, strong, brave, etc.)
    • Inclusion of a current event in the news and a discussion of its implications (this can be in the form of a news article or video clip of a news story).
    • Use of materials including video and audio clips (the time dedicated to videos should not exceed 10-15% of your presentation. Any more will result in a loss of points)
    • Discussion questions and/or activities for the class to participate in (the discussion questions should be inspired by your presentation materials (e.g., reactions to a current event)
    • Reflection on the learning process for this presentation (e.g. were you surprised by what you learned, was it different than what you pictured, etc.)
    • “How can ‘we’ help?” This is a broad question that you can think about creatively. Include a few ideas for how “we” (abstract term that can refer to the class, society, or individual action) can work to help address issues within the topic (e.g., community outreach, political activism). These ideas do not have to be detailed but should be relevant to your populations’ needs and the issues you discussed in the presentation.
    • Inclusion of APA style reference page


Students will sign up for one general topic domain and presentation due date. You will select a specific topic within this domain on which to present (e.g., acculturation of Muslim immigrants). Please be sure to NOT present over the general domain (e.g. immigration), but rather a specific topic within that domain. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. You will be graded on depth of topic exploration and addressing the objectives outlined above.










Social Topic Project Rubric



Pre-approved Topic:



Project Organization
Clarity of presentation (Does the information included make sense? Is the information relevant to the topic?) /4
Organization & Inclusion of APA style reference page (does the presentation flow well? Does the sequence of information make sense?) /3
Content Management (Was it too short, too long?) /3
Section Total:       /10
Discussion of Main Issues /7
Discussion of Strengths /6
Relevant facts/statistics /6
Inclusion of a current event /6
Use of materials including video and/or audio clips /6
Discussion questions and/or activity for class involvement /6
Personal reflection on learning process (e.g. what you learned, how your perspective has changed) /7
Inclusion of a discussion of ideas for helping selected population /6
Section Total:      /50


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