Using the article a suitable descriptive title for your paper.Do not name it with the course or unit number; describe the content instead.Do not use the article’s title as yours; doing so is a form of plagiarism.Use title case (except in the header).Write an introduction paragraph.Include the article’s title (in double quotes) and full author’s  name (or authors’ names) in the paragraph. You may also include the name  of the news site, which would be in italics as explained in this unit’s  reading.Include a very brief overview of the main ideas.As explained previously, do not refer the paper to itself (“this paper will examine,” etc.).After the introduction paragraph, write 2–3 more paragraphs explaining main ideas from the article.Use deductive paragraphing and write mostly in active voice.Include in-text citation in each of these paragraphs to acknowledge  the origin of the ideas. The first sentence in each paragraph must have  citation at the very leastThe introduction and detail paragraphs combined must contain 300–400 words.Do not write a conclusion (see below).using this article a conclusion.This must be 80–110 words in length.

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