Religion in Nursing

Submit your Research DRAFT  here.The research  must address the following:Describe the major beliefs of that religion.Identify major religious holidays in that religious tradition.Discuss how the religious beliefs of the people practicing the religion you chose affect the health of the congregation.Compare and contrast the religion chosen with the Judeo-Christian beliefs that are commonly followed in the USA. Include effects of beliefs, holidays, specific practices, and knowledge.Discuss the effect of the religious practice you chose on the holistic health care of the individual.Discuss the general importance of religion and spirituality to the members of that faith community in their health.Discuss how your research has helped you understand the implications of that faith on the nursing care you might deliver to a person of that faithYour DRAFT  should be:At least 1-3 pagesUse citations and references as neededTyped utilizing proper spelling, grammar and in APA styleTyped into a Microsoft Word document

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