race&ethnicity 2-3 pages paper

Assignment 1: Reflections on Race and RacializationThis assignment asks you to produce2 double-spaced pagesof writing in which you share your beliefs, experiences, questions, suggestions, and/or reactions to issues of issues of race and racialization covered thus far in the lectures, sections, readings, and videos. This write-up must have a descriptive title (a specific title that captures its contents), but otherwise can be presented however you like.For example, it could be written as a reflection essay, a short autobiographical sketch, a journal entry, a social media post, a letter to a friend, or another style so long as what you submit addresses the basic prompt. It does not need to be formal and is not intended to take overly long to write. It is, however, intended to foster critical reflection on your part, and must be informed by ideas from the course. (It is fine to disagree with ideas presented in course lectures or readings; however, you should write about these ideas in a way which clarifies that you know what those course materials have stated, and that you are asserting a different opinion.) If you cite specific sources (not required), you should include citations following one of the major citational styles.

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