quantitative research article

This assignment will allow you to practice searching for aquantitativenursing research article by using an online database. Follow the search strategy given on the assignment instructions below. You will haveoneattempts to submit a correct article. When you are successful with this assignment, you may use this nursingquantitativeresearch article in a follow-up assignment in Module Four – The Evidence Based Practice Project: Finding the Evidence. Donotselecta qualitative article,  an Evidence Based Project article, or a Quality Improvement/assurance project, or a Literature Review, or a concept analysis, or Retrospective research, or a systematic review, or an article that is not published  in a nursing journal or in any journal where a registered nurse is not listed as one of the authors . See criteria which is reiterated in the rubric and grading criiteria.Do NOT use:A retrospective studyA mixed methods studyA qualitative research articleA systematic reviewA quality improvement articleAn evidence based practice articleAn article writen only by physicians [or non-nurses] and / published in a non nursing journalContinuing education article

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