Before completing the final project, review the grading criteria: to include all required elements of the presentation and project.The presentation must present a professional nursing pro and con stance to the nursing issue (if there are pros and cons). Some issues may not have a pro or con; if this is the case, present the issue from two distinct perspectives (like positive and negatives).The presentation must identify legal and ethical parameters, as well as the political implications of the issue.Include a section on personal viewsConclude the presentation with a summary of how this knowledge impacts professional nursing practice (evidence-based practice).Evaluation Criteria – Presentation / PowerPoint1. INTRODUCTION: The issue related to professional nursing practice and why this is an issue – introducing the idea that there are two sides to the issue. What is the historical perspective of the issue (5 points)2. BODY/ Content of Presentation: The presentation should contain the key points taken from the literature search presenting a pro AND a con stance (or two distinct perspectives) related to an issue impacting professional nursing practice. Major concepts presented are to be accurate and focused on the nursing profession. (15 points)3. ETHICAL/LEGAL/POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS: State existing or potential ethical, legal, political implications pertinent to the issue. Describe the ethical concepts or theories that affect this issue as it is related to nursing practice. Include related laws or potential lawsuits and nursing practice act implications. Describe the people or groups involved or nursing associations that would assist in making a change to practice. Include a discussion related to nursing advocacy on the issue, related policy (health care or institutional), professional nursing association stance, or involvement. Be sure to include the ANA Code of Ethics, referring to specific ethical principles or specific Codes. (5 points).4. SUMMARY of ISSUE and APPLICATION TO PRACTICE: Summarize the presentation and how this knowledge impacts professional nursing practice. (10 points)5. PRESENTATION: PowerPoint neat, professional, organized, visually appealing, colorful, not too wordy, relevant content, comprehensive. Overall presentation easy to follow, organized, accurate information, engaging, creative, professional. Student presentations should be between 15 & 20 minutes in length. (15 points)

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