Pharmacology Case study

Only text book as refrence DUE AFTER 3 HOURS SHARPPharmacology: An Introduction 7th Edition by hinter and barbra CASE STUDY #1:Gertrude Jenkins is a 74 year old female who has poor eyesight due to glaucoma, has hypertension, endstage renal disease, and the beginnings of vascular dementia. Ms. Jenkins is a widow of 14 years, livesalone in a major urban city on the East coast, is unable to drive independently, does enjoy an activesocial life when friends can pick her up, and enjoys once a month visits with her oldest daughter, who isa custodian at an elementary school. Ms. Jenkins reports to taking beta-blockers for her hypertensionand glaucoma, seeing the ophthalmologist once a year, and is also on diuretics (water pills, she calledthem) and other medication to aid her kidneys. She doesn’t recall her medications and/or the dosingschedule and reports to forgetting doses and then doubling up when she remembers to take themedication. She also reports to an unwillingness to follow through on her blood chemistry work due tothe inconvenience of arranging for transportation.From a pharmacokinetic perspective, what questions arise as you consider this case? 5 ptsFrom a pharmacological perspective, what questions arise as you consider this case? 5 ptsWhat concerns, if any, do you have about the use of pharmacotherapeutics (or lackthereof) as presented in this case? Why?5 ptsWhat specific concerns, if any, do you have about patient follow through? Why? 5 ptsWhat recommendations would you suggest to the individual/s presented in this case?Support those recommendations with clear rationale.5 pts_______Total points earned/25 points possibleInstructions: Submit a typed/double-spaced Word document addressing each of these five areas asfully as possible.

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