pharmacology and therapeutic

cite all answers- use APA sentence structure and referencing1.  Why are ACE inhibitors prescribed for diabetic patients (outside of hypertension).2.  Name the 4 types of insulin and what each is used for in diabetes management?3.  What labs would you expect to be drawn for your patient on levothyroxine?4.  What medication is used for hyperthyroidism?5.  What are some teaching points for your patient that is starting DDAVP (vasopressin)7.  Name 3 side effects of glucocorticoid therapy.  What needs to be monitored?8.  Your patient has a history of coronary artery disease.  Why would you question a new order for hormone replacement therapy?9.  What are the drug interactions with Sildenafil?10.  Name 3 teaching points for your patient starting transdermal testosterone gel.

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