Ped assignment

1. A nurse is conducting a well-child assessment. The parents ask the nurse why growth charts are used. What information should the nurse provide?2. A nurse is caring for a client who has recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). What are the risk factors for UTIs in children?3. A nurse is preparing to administer cefixime 8 mg/kg/day by mouth divided into equal doses every 12 hr. to a toddler who weighs 22 lb. The amount available is cefixime suspension 100 mg/5 mL. How many mL should the nurse administer per dose? (Round the answer to the nearest whole number.)4. A nurse is caring for a child with moderate dehydration secondary to an acute gastrointestinal infection. If a client is hypokalemic, when is it considered acceptable to administer potassium replacement?

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