nursing specialty

Answer the following questions for this assignment:What specialty or role did you choose?What are the educational requirements? You do not have to include basic training like CPR, but include all degree requirements, license requirements, and any other specialized training required.Describe available certifications specific to that specialty. Include the name of the certification, eligibility requirements, and how the certification is earned.What does a nurse do in this role? You may include some general nursing roles, but you should include a minimum of 3 things that are SPECIFIC TO THAT SPECIALTY.Describe possible locations/settings where this nurse can work.Identify the professional nursing organization that represents this specialty in the United States. Some specialties have more than one associated professional organization. Please chooseoneto list here, along with their mission or vision statement.What websites did you use to find your information? Please include both thename of the websiteas well as the URL address. You may simply list below.

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