nrsg assignment

Are all RNs responsible for advancing the nursing discipline, profession, and science?What are our responsibilities as a collective discipline and profession and as individuals? What is evidence-based practice (EBP) and how does it fit with theory-driven practice?Re-visit the Week 1 discussion. Have your positions on or understanding of the nursing discipline, profession, and science changed? If so, how?Identify and discuss the responsibilities of RNs in terms of contributing to and advancing the nursing discipline, profession, and science.One way to contribute to and advance nursing is to apply a nursing conceptual framework to your clinical practice. Explain how this advances the nursing discipline.Identify any professional nursing organizations you are active in and/or maintain membership in. If you currently have no memberships, what are some that interest you? Can you commit to joining one of these in the next few weeks? What does belonging to a professional nursing organization have to do with advancing nursing?Are there any other ways you can advance the nursing discipline, profession, and science?Minimum of 2 pagesAt least 3 references

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