Murderball Journal 4 week 6

Murderball Journal 4 week 6Directions:  After watching Murderball found at the Tubitv link below, copy, paste, answer the following questions with at least 5 sentences per question, and drop your work in the drop box. This journal is like others completed for class and like those journals, it is worth 10 points. Please remember to think critically and respond in complete sentences, connecting your thoughts to previously learned content from this class and from other courses or experiences you may have. Because you have a week to complete this assignment, late work will not be accepted.Watch Murderball (2005) Full Movie Free Online Streaming | Tubi ( the source imageJournal 4 Video reflection questionsWhat are some of your thoughts on the video?What comparisons might you make between what you thought you knew about this topic before and what you think now?What learning(s) do you want to take with you to future situations?How might you apply your new learning in your future career?As you reflect on the questions here and over the video/guest speaker, how has it supported your learning?

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