Module 04 Written Assignment – Concept Map for a Congenital Disorder

Choose one of the congenital disorders discussed in your text book and create a concept map. You may use the template on ATI as a sample to follow. You can easily create a concept map using the insert tab in Microsoft Word. Click on Shapes, and drag the shape you choose to your paper. Then right click to add text to your shape. You can go to the format tab by right clicking on your shape to add color, depth, and other special effects. Be sure to cite your concept map in APA format.Be sure to cover these topics:PathophysiologyAssessment findingsDiagnostic tests – labs, x-rays etc.Focused assessmentMedications, surgical procedures and other treatmentsPreventative measures, risk factors, or at risk groupsWhat client teaching might a practical nurse reinforce under the guidance of the RN?Prognosis and long term outlook for the patientSupport groupsResources (cited in APA format)i choose (Hydrocephalus) as my topic. please look at the example i give and follow the Rubric.below is an example of what im looking for and also the assignment rubric.

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