MN581 Age Appropriate Health Maintenance Screening and Associated Tools

No Plagiarism please.  Follows APA Style with references.Assignment: Age Appropriate Health Maintenance Screening and Associated ToolsThis Assignment includes ten different pediatric cases that require further evaluation with a developmental testing tool. Selecting the correct tool is vitally important in getting accurate data that promotes early identification and intervention. A template is available to you as an Excel spreadsheet in Course Documents, and is specifically designed for this Assignment.After you have selected the standardized developmental testing tool that is appropriate for each of the following cases, address the following:Does the tool measure the domain(s) of concern?Is the tool “age appropriate?”Does the tool address cultural considerations?Who is to administer the test?Is the reliability and validity of the tool acceptable? How did you assess these measurements?How much time is involved in using the tool?Is the language of the tool applicable to the patient and family?Use template attached.

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