• Using the Coat of Arms image found below and on your Virtual Team Page, use whatever technology your team agrees upon to insert appropriate images as a representation for the below questions. Microsoft clipart is generally open for use.
    • What is your company’s reason for being?
    • What product or service does your company sell?
    • What is your company’s scope of operations?
    • What are some unique characteristics of your company?
    • What sort of ethics are embodied by your company?
    • Who is your company’s customer base?
    • What is your company’s name?
  • Create a Mission Statement for your company that embodies your Coat of Arms.
  • Upload or link your Coat of Arms and Mission Statement to your Company’s Discussion Page.
  • Your team’s facilitator should upload the agreed upon Coat of Arms and Mission Statement to this assignment.

3-4 pages

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