Part II: Data Collection Procedures & Measurement Tools/InstrumentsDescribe ALL methods to collect data in detail (i.e. interview, survey, observation……etc.)Describe each measurement tool/instrument used to measure/assess outcomes in the study in detail.Results/FindingsParticipant Characteristics/Sociodemographic FindingsDescribe participant characteristics or sociodemographic statusMust be objective, descriptive, and comprehensiveMust describe the findings of Tables/Figures to provide comprehensive information about participant characteristics as article provided.Study Results/FindingsDescribe ALL Other Results/Findings besides above participant characteristics in detail.Each result item must include Headings/Subheadings as the article provided.Do NOT simply saying “pain level was decreased,” “adherence was increased”…etcDo NOT include contents from Discussion and/or Conclusion in the article.Part III: Synthesis of FindingsSynthesis of FindingsDescribe the Rationale/Mechanism for how/why Finding of each intervention/factor helps your Research Question (i.e. how/what mechanism does music therapy help pain, how does sucking stimulation increase oral intake for pre-term infants)Should NOT repeat same contents you had on Findings section and/or articleMay include citations from other sources for above described rationale/mechanism (i.e. textbooks, CDC…etc)Nursing ImplicationsHow the nurses can implement the research findings into nursing practice.Group Article Summary Table (All group members)Describe each group member’s article on Research Article Summary Table.Use bullet points for each category.

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