MDC2 Discussion 6

Module 06 Discussion – Multidimensional Care for SarahDirectionsSarah is a 69-year old female that presented to the emergency department with shortness of breath. Her past medical history includes heart failure and COPD. Her pulse oximetry on room air is 82%. You notify the provider, and he orders oxygen at 2 L via nasal canula NC. Sarah’s chest x-ray reveals bilateral pneumonia. Her arterial blood gas result are below:pH: 7.30PaCO2: 58 mm HgPaO2: 78 mm HgHCO3: 26 mEq/LSarah is admitted to a general medical floor. You are the nurse assigned to Sarah.What potential problems can occur based on the above findings?How would you provide multidimensional care for Sarah?Describe the roles of other departments in Sarah’s treatment plan.

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