LP07 Assignment: Résumé

Learning Plan 07

Assignment: Résumé

Use your “Brag Sheet” and “Power Verbs and Quantifiers” worksheets to write your résumé. Use the three example résumés you found in Discussion 01 as a model. In addition to all the standard résumé sections such as header, contact info, educational background, and work experience, your résumé must include:

  • at least 5 power verbs. Highlight or underline your power verbs in the document you submit for this assignment.
  • at least 5 quantifiers. Highlight or underline your quantifiers in the document you submit for this assignment.
  • a “career objective” section.

Consider writing your résumé in Job and Career Accelerator’s Résumé Builder.

When you get to the site, look near the top for the “All Centers” link and then choose “Job and Career Accelerator” from the menu.  You’ll then click the “Start” button to begin.  Once JCA launches, look on the left side of the screen for an option that says “Build Great Resumes and Cover Letters.” Click to expand and select the option to “Build a Great Resume.”  Resume Builder will display on the right side.

This tool gives lets you import sample résumés, then edit them to make them your own. It will also auto-format your résumé using the template of your choice.

When you have finished your résumé, run spell check. It’s also a great idea to share your résumé with a friend or career advisor. They can give you suggestions to strengthen it further, and may catch grammar and spelling errors you missed.

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