The influence of a custodial parent’s remarriage and the new blended family on a child or adolescent.

This project involves a three (or more) page paper (double – spaced throughout the entire presentation, separate page for title, ¾ inch margins, at least 23 lines per page) dealing with an issue pertaining to the typical challenges that individuals encounter in the process of human development

In each paper, be sure to mention at least five peer-reviewed research studiespertaining to the issue that you are discussing by citing the author of the study and year (e.g. Rutter, 1991) in connection with your discussion. You will be able to obtain information about these peer-reviewed research studieson the internet.  Many of the presentations will require that the student cite more than the minimum five peer-reviewed research studies.  Of the possible factors, processes, causes etc. which you cite, which one(s) seem to be most supported research data? Each paragraph will likely require one or more peer-reviewed journal article citations. Please avoid use of lengthy quotations (paraphrase instead). Thus, some paragraphs may require citation of several peer-reviewed journal references. Be sure to cite a reference at the end of each paragraph.

*An alphabetized bibliography should be included specifying author, journal, name of journal article, and year of publication. Of the possible factors, processes, causes ect. which you cite, which one(s) seem to be most supported research data.

Also, please feel free to attach Xeroxed copies of research articles which you cite in your presentation(s).  Note that an alphabetized bibliography should be included at the end of your presentation. This alphabetized bibliography should include author(s), name of research article, name of peer – reviewed journal and year of journal article. Your presentation should be submitted to your instructor no later than Tuesday, November 12.  Neither the bibliography nor any Xeroxed research articles will count as part of the three page minimum required for this assignment. Keep in mind that five citations of specific peer-reviewed research articleswould be considered a minimumgeneral requirement and that any given presentation may, in fact, require more research citations in order to document adequately the sources used in completing the presentation. Do not cite your textbook or other books, magazines(e.g. Psychology Today; WebMD), as one of your 5 required references. Please use a separate frontpage to indicate the course (Psychology 300), your name and the title of your presentation. Do not use triple-spacing to separate one paragraph from another paragraph. (Your presentation should be double-spaced throughout the entire paper). Students are not permitted to submit a paper that has already been submitted for another course.

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