Knowledge Management


You must prepare an in-depth report on a case study to be uploaded to Turnitin on the 15th of November.

Read carefully the following case study available on Moodle:

  • Global Knowledge Management at Danone

Answer the following questions within the report:

  1. How does the organization define “Knowledge Management”? To what extent is this a ‘sufficient’ definition of the term?
  2. Describe and analyse the knowledge management system and processes that the organisation implemented – what challenges emerged and what benefits did the organization obtain? This should include analysis of how the organisation transformed ‘data’ to ‘knowledge’
  3. Based on your research, what additional measures could the organization take to improve the use / acceptance of the KM system and processes in the organization?
  • Expected total word length = 1,500 -2,000 words
  • Deadline for submission to Turnitin: Midnight, Friday 15th November
  • This task is worth 40% of the overall grade for this subject.
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