Integrated Safety-Net Health Care System case study

Evaluate the cultural competence of the healthcare organization presented in the Integrated Safety-Net Health Care System case study using a population health approach. Please also read the supplemental Interpreting Services Program document to ensure that you have all of the information about the Montefiore Medical Center you will need to address the critical elements.Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Patient engagement activities and communication strategiesa) Critique the organization’s translation and interpretation services that may be available to non-English-speaking patients. In other words, doesthe organization provide such services? How many different languages are supported? How might the organization communicate with a speakerof a language that is not supported? Be sure to provide evidence that supports your claims.b) Analyze the extent to which educational resources and materials are available in languages other than English. Be sure to provide specificexamples.c) Assess organizational staff training on patient engagement and communications for its potential to foster cultural competence. Be sure to provideevidence to support your claims.d) Identify gaps or deficiencies that may exist in the organization’s patient engagement and communications strategies, and provide evidence tosupport your claims. If you feel there are none, be sure to explain your reasoning.

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