Infertility in men

Pathophysiology for Infertility in Men  250 words minimum for pathophysiology portion of the assignment.BRIEFLY explain THE FOLLOWING:Differential Diagnosis-1. Primary hypogonadism2.Pituitary adenoma3. Varicocele3 diagnostic tests-1.Sperm concentration <15 million sperm/mL (oligozoospermia)2. Sperm Morphology < 4 is normal3. Seminal fluid parameters results would be poor liquefaction, low ejaculate volume <1.5, decreased seminal pH, presence of fructose, increased leukocyte count.Treatment/medications-1. chorionic gonadotropin 2500 international units IM, SUBQ twice weekly for 6 months2. follirtrophin alfa- 150 units subq 3 times weekly3. ART (corticosteroids) (IVF)4. Tamoxifen 20mg orally daily 3-6 months (hormone)5. AntioxidantsNo plagiarism, APA format, with 3 references no more than 5 years old.

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