Assignment Guidelines
Your paper MUST include the following subsections:

A. The Organization (10 pts)

1. Brief description of the organization’s mission/goals etc.

2. Describe the importance of the implementation phase of strategic planning

B. Operational Objectives for the HRD Effort (5 pts)

1. Describe outcomes to be met by the strategy. Operational outcomes must be expressed in units such as time, money, number of people, percent, Likert ratings, etc.

C. Organizational Review (25 pts)

Briefly review the: organization policies, organizational structure, reward systems, communication within the organization, the leadership and the budget available for resources. Your review tells you where you need to concentrate your implementation.

D. Implementing the HRD Functional Strategies (15 pts)

What is the strategy you have chosen from Assignment #4? 5 pts
What needs to change? How will this change be implemented? 5 pts
What HRD interventions need to be implemented? May include training, development, education, organization development, performance management systems, career development and/or succession planning. 5 pts

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