Healthcare problem with PICO question

Write a summary of the significance and background of a healthcare problemP (patient/problem)I (intervention/indicator)C (comparison)O (outcome)Here are some search words that will focus on a single intervention for each topic. You should consider trying these exact search words to begin the search.hand hygiene educationpatient education on fall riskpatient education on smoking cessationpatient education to prevent CHF readmissionnon-pharmacological behavioral interventions to reduce painnon-pharmacological behavioral interventions to reduce anxietypet assisted therapypalliative care educationpatient education to prevent elective C-sectionskin to skin to improve breastfeeding complianceCHG to prevent surgical site infectionrepositioning and turning to prevent pressure ulcerprophylactic dressings to prevent pressure ulcerassessment for early removal of urinary catheterbundles to prevent CAUTI

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