Final Paper Silver Linings Playbook

Please use the family from Silver Linings Playbook.In this assignment, you are asked to present a comprehensive analysis of one major family theories covered in this class to demonstrate your understanding of, and ability to apply, these theories in direct practice. Use either Family Systems Theory or Structural Family Therapy. This analysis should include the following:Historical context and development of the theory;Major contributors associated with the theory;Application of the theory to the family caseSpecific interventions of the theory to the family caseDescribe an evaluation of the theory to the family caseLimitations of the theory in social work practicePlease make sure to mention 3 treatment goals in interventions, underlying dynamics, defense mechanisms, a biopsychosocial of the family as a whole, and a diagnosis for the family.Please utilize professional literature, peer review journal articles, and class readings and texts to support your positions.  This paper is to be prepared in APA style and all references must be included on a reference page and cited in an appropriate format.  This paper should be between 8-10 pages in length and requires a minimum of 6 references.Use APA style, cover page, abstract, and bibliography. Please use other sources to support your paper.Upload to Turnitin.

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