InstructionsInstructions:  Below are the final exam questions for the Final Exam Case Study,  Columbia Custom Carpentry, which is attached below. The file name is  HRMD 640 Final Exam.pdf. You are to answer all of the questions. Please  ensure that your answers are complete. This assignment will be graded  according to the Final Exam Rubric that is posted below.Click the links below to access the4files needed to complete this assignment.~~~~1. In your opinion, what is causing the turnover at Columbus Custom Carpentry? 10 points.2.  Are the assembly technicians overpaid? Explain. 10 points.3.  Are the craters underpaid? If so, why? Will they still be underpaid if  the custom hand-work portion of their job is eliminated by the jig  system? Explain. 15 points.4.  Given the case and market information, is the CFO position best aligned  with that of an accounting manager, director, or a CFO? Explain.  10 points5.  Are there differences in pay that appear to be based on  sex/race/ethnicity rather than performance or length of service? How so  or why not? 15 points6. Given your answers to the previous questions,exactlyhow would you rectify the key issues within Columbus Custom Carpentry?  What resources/references support your plan of action? 40 points.

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