1) What lessons from the outbreak of World War One are of value in considering international relations today? (1500-2000 words, Chicago Style Citation)

2) The Geologic Story of your National Park or Monument. Using the information available on the National Park Service website and any other available resources, research and report on the geology of your park. In short, summarize the geologic story told by the rocks in your park, starting with the oldest rocks and events, up to the modern day. Keeping the geologic theme for your park in mind, your report should probably include information such as, but not limited to, • What type(s) of rock are exposed in your park and what, if any, are their formation names? • What is the age range of the rocks? What geologic period(s) do they include? • In which physiographic province is your park located and how does it relate to the geology of your park? • What are the past environmental conditions that can be interpreted from the rocks in your park? Are there any fossils? Or is it primarily igneous/metamorphic rocks? What stories do they tell about past environmental conditions? • Are there any prominent geologic structures in the park such as faults or folds? What geologic forces and/or surficial processes are responsible for shaping the park into its current form? • Does your park have any special features and how are they related to the geology or environment? (2-5 Pages)

3) Opinionated/Thorough Book Review on Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. (500 Words).

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