Ernestine Wiedenbach theory assigment

The early conceptualizations of nursing by WeidenbachGive a unique twist to the evolution of nursing theory.THEORIST: Ernestine Wiedenbach****** Videos:- 1) 2)*********this is a assignment for my theory nursing class that I must do the followingWATCH THE VIDEOS THAT ARE ASSIGNED AND DO THE FOLLOWINGYOU MUST WATHC THE VIDEO AND TALK ABOUT IT, THESES ARE THE QUESTIONS:How the theory was implemented in practice to improve outcomesDescribe one (1) concept from the assigned theory that changed the evolution of nursing theory and research in the 21 first centuryGive a unique twist to the evolution of nursing least 2 paragraphs, APA STYLE, REFERENCES NEEDED YOU CAN USE SUPPORT DOCUMENTS BUT MUST USE THE VIDEOS

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