English WEEK 3

Prepare for the Week 3 speech assignment.

This week you will be turning in your speech, done in the format of a Power Point presentation with details in the Notes section of Power Point OR in an audio recording to go along with the Power Point.  In order to get ready to submit this, examine the readings linked here. They have practical tips that will help you with your assignment.

Visual Literacy This short piece talks about how visual images and composition are used to appeal to the audience.

Breaking Down an Image  This work explains visual rhetoric, a means of communicating that uses images to persuade.

Your Power Point Presentation: Developing an Effective Design Practical design tips for your presentation.

Effective Use of Power Point in Professional and Technical Presentations  Very helpful suggestions for your Power Point.

Initial Post

After you have read these four (4) articles, make your initial post, ensuring that it has these items:

  1. A very brief outline of your speech (maybe one sentence per slide);
  2. Observations of what kind of design and visual impacts you might use (see first 3 articles for ideas); and
  3. Strategies you might take to make your presentation especially effective (see 4th article for ideas).

You may include your draft Power Point (you don’t have to).  Remember that the speech itself will either be in the Notes section of Power Point OR in an audio recording attached with your Power Point.  You don’t have to submit those in this forum either.  Keep in mind your speech has to meet length requirements:  either 1,000 words (if it is in the Notes section of Power Point) OR 8 minutes (if it is an audio recording).   More info can be found in the assignment description.

You will also have to cite your sources, using the appropriate citation style for your topic.  The APUS Library has a guide to help you determine what style to use. The library also has citation guides for the major citation styles, including APA, Chicago, and MLA.

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