Easy long paper on project management

Project OverviewApollo hospital needs to upgrade its computer systems, operating software for the hospital, and its website. Also, they need to launch an application for cell phones.Currently, Apollo hospital uses Linux based OS system and computer and operating software designed by IBM which are old school and local server-based systems. Also, it has very limited functions. Kanyarassi Soft solutions PVT LTD is coming with a proposal to upgrade their software system as well as computers and launch the application.As a part of upgrading, we will introduce new computers with Microsoft Windows as an operating system and design new operating software for Apollo hospital. Instead of using a local server, we will use a cloud-based storage system as well as a local server as a local storage backup. We will design the software with different user groups like doctors, administrative staff, patients, nurses, and billing departments. All those above user groups will have a different level of access with their user accounts. We linked the software with the website so patient user groups can access and manage their hospital visit appointments, access their records and billing information. Also, a mobile application will launch in IOS as well as Android-based OS. From this application, patients can manage their portal for hospitals, doctors, and staff can manage their schedules and update the patient’s ongoing therapy in real-time.Kanyarassi Soft solutions will provide one year of software support and if required by the hospital then can increase the contract agreement. Also, provide training for new software.Question:— Need full description of above project in terms of project management as a project team or manager.Suggestion:- Divide topics in different tasks and write brief note or process on that task in terms of list/chart/table. In that way it will get done faster. For example: project description, deliverables, scope definition, project milestone, Assumption and dependencies, project organizational structure etc.***Easy own words, no plagiarism, at least seven task***

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