Discussion of sourcing options and the resulting social responsibility

your product is a recyclable sustainable cocktail dress from REFORMATION. Discussion of sourcing options and resulting social responsibility。

attached is my previous paper for my project, should be continued…

· when read about sourcing, should be outsource, or offshore, if so where? Why?

· Consider your strategy, your geographical, why choose that place, is there a really good reason for supply channel? Do you think the organization have internal capability to do it?

· Loan/agile supply chains. Do you want to use agent , or factory, or do you want to do everything yourself?

· **better to give a specific factory (big one) to make it**

Students will be assigned papers throughout the quarter expanding on and evaluating key components of logistics management.  Papers will be based on in class material as well as outside research pertaining to critical aspects of supply chain performance. Papers will be from 3 to 5 pages double spaced.  All information contained in the paper needs to be appropriately referenced and verified.

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