Discussion 04.1: Sampling Methods

MA3010 – Statistics for Health ProfessionsDiscussion 04.1: Sampling MethodsTask: Reply to this topicIn Week 04 we are asked to identify appropriate sampling methods when collecting data from a population.Answer both questions in your initial response:1.From a healthcare profession perspective, provide examples of when you would use systematic sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, and random sampling. (Note: You should have four examples to earn full credit on your initial post for this question (one for systematic, one for stratified, one for cluster, and one for random).2.Why is convenience sampling the “weakest” method of sampling of the types discussed in this lesson? Explain, using an example.MYLAB STATISTICS WITH PEARSON E-TEXT 18 WEEK FOR Biostatistics for the Biological & Health SciencesBiostatisticsfortheBiologicalHealthSciencesplusMyLabStatisticswithPearsoneText.pdf

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