The purpose of this assignment is to apply your understanding of conducting a spiritual assessment using the FICA model. In the past, this assignment has been done as a video, but you will be happy to know that it is now being done as a transcript.You are to interview a “patient” using the FICA model. Your patient can be a family, friend, classmate but not a real patient. Please identify your patient by first name only.You can find appropriate FICA questions in the resources or in searching the internet. Evaluation of the FICA Tool for Spiritual Assessment has an excellent tool on page 166. Remember to prompt further with yes or no responses.You need to start with an introductory paragraph of your interview purpose and intent, your interviewee and the setting.Your transcript needs to include your specific interviewer questions and your interviewee’s responses.Afterwards, you will create a narrative paragraph summarizing the spiritual assessment that can be included in the “patient’s” medical record.A cover page is required but you do not need to adhere to any other APA writing expectations.Your submission should include:Cover pageA brief introduction (who, what, where)Interviewer questions & interviewee responsesSummary paragraph

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