data sets

ASSIGNMENT: Data SetsDemonstrate compliance with healthcare data sets (Blooms 3)Instructions:Part I: Review the information on Data Sets from your lesson.Study the Table 1 provided in the lesson. Create your own table with 3 columns and copy the information from the table in the lesson for the first 2 columns for DEEDS, MDS, OASIS, UACDS, and UHDDS.Part II: Research each of these online and/or in the Peden textbook- In the 3rd column, show 4 data elements that are required for each of the data sets.Part III: Open the inpatient record provided as an attachment below- Analyze the documentation in the record to see if it would meet the requirement for the UHDDS data elements you included in your table.- Type a Yes or a No after each of the data elements to indicate if you were able to find the data element in the chart.

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