Contexts of Adult Development

For Part 1, student must address the below question(s)/prompt(s) following your reading from the Handbook on Aging (Harris, 2018)  article by Smith (2014) on pages 2-19 and the article by  Calasanti & Slevin (2006) on pages 50-63.Part 1: Review of Smith (2014) and Calasanti & Slevin (2006) Article on the Historical Perspectives on Aging & Gerontology and Age as a Basis for Inequality.Using the article by Smith (2014), please discuss in detail what is aging/gerontology and how has aging as a discipline evolved overtime as a meaningful area of study and research? Please discuss several of the key milestones that helped to advance aging and gerontology as a serious field of study. Please use specific examples from your readings to support your responses to Part 1 of the this Critical Aging Lab. Additionally, using the article by Calasanti & Slevin (2006), please discuss the feminist perspective on aging and age bias and why this approach has neglected a focus on age relations. Additionally, please explore how age relations and bias in of the aging process has impacted the following dimensions: loss of power, workplace issues and marginalization, wealth and income and cultural devaluation. This Part of Lab 1 should be at least 4 pages.

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