Change Theory HIM


  • Conduct a Force Field Analysis. Refer to figure 22.20 in Oachs and Watters for an example. You may provide a list rather than develop a drawing.

Change Theory

  • Select one of the Change Theories in Chapter 22 (Kubler-Ross, Lewin, Bridges, or Kotter) from the Oachs and Watters text. Provide an overview of the theory, in your own words. (Note: Title your post with the name of the Theorist you selected.)
  • Why did you select this theory? What appealed to you about it, compared to the other theories?

Change Management Plan

  • Use the theory you selected to draft a change management plan for the IG project that leads the change through the various stages of change described by the selected theorist. Be specific. What needs to be done, and by whom?
  • Identify the job titles of internal and external change agents for the project.

resources and attachments

Hammerquist, J. (2018, January 17). Using data to drive organizational change in healthcare. Becker’s Hospital Review.

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