Capstone project

For Week Two assignment, “you” choose your interest (Example, mental illness/stress in youth 12-15 yrs old. Domain 4- Social and Personality (includes the study of personality, emotion, motivation, gender, and culture. Explained how each factor relates to mental illness in youth 12-15 yrs of age)  for week two’s assignment, and complete as the “final” paper, Capstone project. The  “Capstone Project”  is built from past class assignments, as well as this class center on the “psychology theories”. The Capstone PSY 699 is the variety of assignments building upon the completion of the final paper for this class. ( See attached Powerpoint using the domains)

The students are to review the four psychology content domains (There are five pillars of domains)

Domain- 1: Biological (includes neuroscience, consciousness, and sensation)
Domain 2: Cognitive (includes the study of perception, cognition, memory, and intelligence)
Domain 3: Development (includes learning and conditioning, lifespan development, and language)
Domain 4: Social and Personality (includes the study of personality, emotion, motivation, gender, and culture)

Domain 5: Mental and Physical Health (includes abnormal psychology, therapy, and health psychology) and chosen from previous coursework in this program to assist with the instructions for the Final paper.

In the final paper, students will review the findings in the individual empirical articles, organize the research in a meaningful way, evaluate the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the research findings, and present an integrated synthesis of the research that sheds new light on the topics within and across the four domains.

Please be mindful;  Week Two’s Assignment is a literature review. Therefore, provide a summary of each literature from per article, which a critique, and synthesizes on how it relates to “your” main chosen domain- Psychology topic in an integrated way, such that new frameworks and perspectives adding additional knowledge to the current field of psychology.

Students, a reminder about inserting academic voice (APA in-text citations and full references) in the written material and provide the same level critical thinking assessment per your responses to your classmates’ post.

Also, students, I encourage you to work ahead, but “only” if you have an understanding of the assignments/discussions. Mindful, all discussions and assignments build upon each. Therefore, if you do not understand the instructions for previous assignments/discussions is to take time and learn with the class as we move from weekly modules. Weekly Announcements & Guidance tips that will provide needed information to move forward.


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