Assignment – BI W2

From book:Analytics, Data Science,  Artificial Intelligence Systems for Decision Support (11th Edition)Chapter # 3Q#1How do you describe the importance of data in analyt- ics? Can we think of analytics without data? Explain.Q#2Considering the new and broad definition of business analytics, what are the main inputs and outputs to the analytics continuum?Q#3Where do the data for business analytics come from? What are the sources and the nature of those incoming data?Q#4What are the most common metrics that make for analytics-ready data? ßExercise#12Go to—a U.S. government–sponsored data portal that has a very large number of data sets on a wide variety of topics ranging from healthcare to edu- cation, climate to public safety. Pick a topic that you are most passionate about. Go through the topic-specific information and explanation provided on the site. Explore the possibilities of downloading the data, and use your favorite data visualization tool to create your own meaningful information and visualizations.Chapter # 4Q#1Define data mining. Why are there many names and definitions for data mining?Q#2What are the main reasons for the recent popularity of data mining?Q#3Discuss what an organization should consider before making a decision to purchase data mining software.Q#4Distinguish data mining from other analytical tools and techniques.Q#5Discuss the main data mining methods. What are the fundamental differences among them?Exercise#1Visit Identify case studies and white papers about data mining. Describe recent developments in the field of data mining and predictive modeling.I need 3 pages excluding references page and no plagiarism.

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