Assignment 3

Based on the topic (Cloud Cybersecurity Threats) you decided on, the organization needs to have a better understanding of how (Cloud Cybersecurity Threats) currently affects the company. You decide to create a survey and send to all of the Business Unit Managers.

• Create an original 10 question survey asking questions about (Cloud Cybersecurity Threats) in MS Word or as a PDF.

• The survey should be based on a 5-point Likert scale and be in a survey format

• The results of the survey questions should provide you with insight on the current security posture of the organization by department and their level of understanding of this threat.

• Be creative with the 10 questions and make sure each question is related to your topic (Cloud Cybersecurity Threats).

• The relevance of these question will help identify the current security posture of the organization.

• Check the Internet if needed on how to design a Likert Scale survey.

• All surveys should be completed independently by each student. Duplicate surveys (exact questions or extremely similar questions) submitted by multiple students will receive a grade of zero.

• No APA or references are needed for this assignment.

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