Assignment 10

  •  Social Worker in a group /shelter
  • Life Skills/positive youth development/empowerment methods
  • Group sessions with residents(example topics anger management,self-self-esteem,job search)
  • Clientele are mainly foster children and youth  age 6-18
  • Community Empowerment Council
  • www.www.cecemp.
  • The Assignment (4–5 pages):
  • Explain whether you demonstrated social work practice skills throughout your field education experience, including a description of each social work practice skill and the measure(s) provided in the final evaluation.
  • Explain how participation in your field education course might help you prepare for a career in social work.
  • Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills.
  • Explain how you might address those areas as you continue to develop as a professional social worker.
  • Explain how you have grown as a professional during this process.
  • Propose personal action plans that you can continue into your professional career.
  • Be sure to submit the results of your evaluation to this Assignment.

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