Applying the Steps for Successful Library Research

n your initial discussion post, address the following:

  • Evaluate whether you think the source you selected is credible. (If you determine that the source is not credible, set it aside and locate another article.) The following questions will help you decide:
    • Where was it published, posted, or presented?
    • What are the authors’ credentials?
    • Does it use quality sources and evidence?
    • What do other scholars say about this source?
    • What is the audience for this source?
  • Explain how you determined that it was credible.

Reflect on the following questions within your post:

  • Did you find it easy or difficult to do this discussion?
  • What things were confusing for you?
  • What did you do that worked well?
  • What might you need more help with?

Response Guidelines

Refer to Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines. Read the posts of your peers. From the information shared, evaluate whether the article the learner selected was a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article. Compare and contrast the methods you used to find the article and share any tips you discovered that might help others.

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