APA format/ no plagiarism/ follow guidelines below/ all information is from this book Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing and Caring

Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing and Caring bookCaring for the NguyensReview the opening scenario of Nam Nguyen in the front of this book. Imagine you are the clinic nurse at the Family Medicine Center. Based on the information presented in the scenario, work through the following questions:Patient SituationWhy is Mr. Nguyen at the clinic?    What are his wife’s concerns?    Are they similar to or different from his? Critical Thinking    How do I go about getting the data I need? What sources should I use?    Are my data congruent?    What is one possible explanation for what is happening in this situation?Nursing KnowledgeWhat type of nursing knowledge (theoretical, practical, ethical, or self-knowledge) is needed to answer the following questions? What health concerns does Mr. Nguyen have that should be addressed by the healthcare team? What is the role of Zach Miller on the healthcare team? What role will you play in the care of Mr. Nguyen?Nursing ProcessIn what phase of the nursing process are you engaged when you are asking Mr. Nguyen about the reason for his visit?    What activities are involved in the diagnosis phase? In planning outcomes? In planning interventions?    Why would you not, at this point, be using the evaluation phase?

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