Analytical Paper

For this assignment, you need to write a thesis driven, three-page analytical essay on the work of one of the poets listed in the syllabus. Depending on the poet you choose to write about, you can focus on one poem or more. Be clear: A paper that discusses one short poem and doesn’t meet the length requirement will not result in a good grade. Prepare to read the poetry you’re writing about more than once.

Your main focus for this assignment is to address the theme of the poem, or what the poet is primarily concerned with, but you can also discuss tone, language, imagery, metaphor, narration, and the type of form used by the poet. Your paper should reflect a close reading of the work you’re discussing.

This is not a research project. Your paper should reflect your interpretation of the poetry you’re writing about. Your ideas and interpretation of the poetry are what matter for this assignment, not someone else’s found on the Internet.

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