American Politics

Campaign finance reform in California

Written Paper Instructions


Assignment Instructions:


  1. Choose one aspect of one of these two topics:
    • Campaign finance reform in California, 2000-2016
    • Efforts to institute government transparency in California, 2000-2016
  2. Complete your research online or in the library or use a combination of both. Here are three websites that you may help you to get started.
  3. Write a 6-page double-spaced paper that explains fully the impact, positively or negatively, of your topic on California politics.
  4. I recommend at least 10 sources for this paper. Please be sure to site sources using APA style.


Globalyceum Composition—An Online Writing Training Workshop


You will find an online writing training workshop called Globalyceum Composition in Student Information in your Globalyceum Student Portal.  Students using this step-by-step workshop have been very successful in writing good analytical papers.  The online workshop contains information, videos, and practice tests on writing the parts of a paper–thesis, outline, and draft. It also has instructions for specific aspects of the writing process–topic sentences, transitions, punctuation, as well as introduction and conclusion paragraphs. I recommend that you use the online workshop to help you compose this research paper.




You may submit the paper through ILearn or Globalyceum.  I will inform you of my preferred submission location during the semester.  If your paper is late, I will deduct points for each day it is late.




The written assignment is worth 300 points.  While I like to grade in a wholistic style, meaning I judge the paper as a whole when I give a grade, I will be looking for the following features in your paper, and I have listed them in the attached Grading Guidelines.





Grading Guidelines for Written Assignment


Thesis and Introduction

The student has a clear position or assertion about the state of either California campaign finance reform or government transparency.  The thesis is located in the introductory paragraph of the paper.  The first paragraph does a good job of introducing the reader to the topic.


See Globalyceum > Student Information > Composition > Thesis and Draft > Introduction Paragraph

Research and Sources

The student has done an effective job of researching the paper in the library and/or on the internet.  There are at least 10 sources.  They are from diverse sites or types of literature.  The accuracy and credibility of the sites and sources is good.


See my recommended sites on the Written Paper Instructions for examples of quality.

Argument of the Paper

The paper is at least 6 pages double-spaced, in a size 12-font, and in a standard font style, such as Times or Times New Roman.  The paper has clear topic sentences in the paragraphs followed by evidence from the sources.  The paper has a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the argument.


See Globalyceum > Student Infomration > Composition > Draft


The paper is properly cited with inline notes in APA style and a bibliography or Works Cited page attached.


See many cites on the web for APA guidelines, but the Purdue OWL is a good place:

Punctuation and Grammer

Since this is college, I expect that your paper will have complete, coherent sentences and proper punctuation.  While I emphasize ideas over conventions, it is often difficult to read even a good idea paper when it is filled with misspellings, bad grammar, and poor punctuation.  Your computer’s spelling checker and grammar checker should alert you to problems, so there is little excuse for these errors.  There is a site in Globalyceum Composition that will help you with punctuation.


See Globalyceum > Student Information > Composition > Punctuation


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