Alternative Medicine Assignment

I need someone who is comfortable in nutrition assessments and alternative medicine assignments. NOT traditional western medicine practices. Last minute assignment. Will pay $40In chapter 16 you learned about the Nutrition Care Process (NCP). The NCP is used to assess patients that are at nutritional risk. The NCP includes the Assessment, Nutrition Diagnosis, Nutrition Intervention, and Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation.For this assignment you will be presented with a case study for a patient with heart disease. Using the information from his medical file, you will complete your Nutrition Assessment following the NCP protocol. Your instruction will provide live lectures to how to complete a Nutrition Assessment using the NCP form.*Lectures dates and times will be provided in class. All lectures will be recorded so that you can view them at your convenience and re-watch them as you work through the case study.Course objectives covered:Objectives 2, 3, and 5ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS:Case Study:GG is a 49-year-old man with a recent diagnosis of hypertension. He states “I really want to control my blood pressure. Both of my parents died of complications from heart disease”.Current treatment includes a reduced sodium diet, smoking cessation, and walking at night after dinner for 30 minutes.Labs:BP 160/100; Total Cholesterol 300mg/dL; HDL 35mg/dL; LDL 135 mg/dL; TG 250 mg/dL. His doctor wants to start him on a thiazide diuretic.Diet History:Breakfast: oatmeal or cold cereal, 2% milk, coffee with cream and sugar. Snack: coffee with cream and sugar, sweet roll or donut. Lunch: sandwich, usually ham or salami with cheese, chips, diet cola. Dinner: 6-8 oz animal protein (either baked, broiled, or grilled), potato salad or rice, bread and butter, diet cola. Bedtime snack: peanut butter and crackers or popcorn.Anthropometric Measurements:Height: 6’2Weight: 245#GG does not report any recent changes in weight in the past year.Instructions:Using the NCP complete the Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, and Monitoring and Evaluation sections.Here are some guidelines to help you complete each section:Assessment:Evaluate the patient’s weight, diet, and past medical history. Can you identify any risk factors?Evaluate his labs. Are any of the lab values a risk factor? What other possible risk factors does this patient present with?Estimate the energy, water, and protein requirements for GGDiagnosis:Name at least two nutrition problems that can be identified as a result of the nutrition assessment and medical history presented in the case study.Intervention:Identify the nutrition prescription for GG by recommending the appropriate nutrition therapy for his diagnosis.For the intervention, you will create a healthy meal plan that you will present for GG. Provide a list of healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Include this information in the Intervention section.Based on your diagnosis, include the nutrition guidelines for sodium, cholesterol, and fat for an individual with heart disease.*For the intervention section, you will need to do a little research to locate appropriate dietary recommendations for this patient. Locate two references and include a reference section at the end of your NCP.Monitoring and Evaluation:List the data that should be collected for monitoring and evaluation of each nutrition diagnosis that you identified.WRITING REQUIREMENTS:Include the NCP plan based on the Case StudyInclude references in APA formatThis paper requires a minimum of two references: academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate references identified by the instructor.The references should be utilized to determine the appropriate nutrition guidelines for the patient. Include the references in a reference page.All papers are submitted in APA format. For APA formatting tips: the following websites to locate scholarly articles for nutrition guidelines for heart disease, will be presenting your findings within your written paper.

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