Advanced Medical Coding: Diagnostic Testing

Answer the following questions, please make sure all answers are CORRECT and send back to me2.   A 23-year-old patient comes in complaining of shortness of breath, fatigue, and an abnormally fast heartbeat. She also has GERD, acute exacerbation of asthma, and cachecticorum acne. The physician obtains a complete blood cell count, and renders a diagnosis of Rietti-Greppi-Micheli anemia. What diagnosis codes are assigned?A. D58.3, K23.9, J45.906, L70.8B. D56.3, K24.9, J45.941, L70.8C. D59.3, K21.9, J45.921, L70.8D. D56.9, K21.9, J45.901, L70.84.   A 33-year-old patient is seen for a bilateral screening mammography with computer-aided detection, interpreted by the physician, with digitization of the radiographic images. What CPT codes should be assigned?A. 78053, 77054B. 77097, 77056C. 77059, 77051D. 77057, 770525.   A patient undergoes testing for ten synthetic cannabinoids, cocaine, methadone, and three opiate analogs. What codes would be assigned?A. 80331, 80353, 80358, 83992B. 80352, 80353, 80358, 80363C. 80352, 80353, 80364, 80368D. 80347, 80360, 80363, 803657.   A patient undergoes a limited clinical pathology consultation, without review of history or medical records. What code should be assigned?A. 80502B. 80500C. 80434D. 804368.   A lumbosacral myelography performed with radiological supervision and interpretation is assigned to codeA. 72285.B. 72270.C. 72275.D. 72265.9.   A 26-year-old patient undergoes a carotene test to check her vitamin A level. What CPT code should be assigned?A. 82381B. 82384C. 82380D. 8238210.   What code is assigned for intravenous pyelography without KUB and without tomography?A. 74455B. 74400C. 74742D. 7432611.   A patient has an activated coagulation time test. The coder assigns code 85345. Is this code correct or incorrect?A. The code is correct, but should include a modifier for the activated portion of the test.B. The code is incorrect. The correct code is 85347.C. The code is incorrect. The correct code is 85348.D. The code is correct.12.   Code 82947 indicates a test that is included in a/an _______ panel.A. renal functionB. lipidC. electrolyteD. hepatic function13.   A new patient comes in to the doctor’s office for her annual gynecological exam. During the course of the exam, she undergoes a screening cervical cytopathology smear, which is performed by an automated system under the supervision of a physician. What HCPCS code is assigned?A. G0147B. G0417C. G0856D. G025614.   Code 89230 indicatesA. sweat  by iontophoresis.B. bilirubin, total, transcutaneous.C. nasal smear for eosinophils.15.   What code is assigned for a hepatitis C antibody test?A. 86784B. 86756C. 86803D. 8683016.   Blood lipoprotein with electrophoretic separation and quantitation with high resolution fractionation and quantitation of lipoproteins including lipoprotein subclasses would be assigned to codeA. 83701.B. 83698.C. 83704.D. 83705.17.   The description for code 82441 isA. cholinesterase; serum.B. chlorinated hydrocarbons, screen.C. cortisol; free.D. chromium.18.   What code would be assigned for anterior segment imaging with fluorescein angiography, with interpretation and report?A. 92230B. 92235C. 92499D. 9228719.   A patient has a temporomandibular joint arthrography. If the procedure is performed under radiological supervision and interpretation, what code should be reported?A. 70553B. 70350C. 70332D. 7055120.   Mr. Carson comes to the emergency room complaining of leg pain after falling out of bed in his home. A technician at the hospital obtains an x-ray of the tibia and the fibula using the hospital’s radiology equipment. The physician reviews his x-ray, and determines that he has sprained his leg. Mr. Carson also has a history of prostate cancer, cigarette smoking, Crohn’s disease, and hyperbilirubinemia. The emergency department visit included an expanded problem focused history and examination. The medical decision making was of moderate complexity. Code this scenario.A. 99284-25, 73592B. 99285-25, 73592C. 99281-25, 73591D. 99283-25, 73590

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