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The Privatization of Intermediate SanctionsGrowing concerns over budget shortfalls have forced many states to turn to the private sector to run probation and parole services. The moves started with other community correctional services, such as halfway houses and work release programs, gradually became an alternative for probation and parole programs, and eventually even jails and prisons themselves. You will research the growing popularity of privatizing intermediate-level sanctions. After researching this topic, you will write a paper in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of privatization with the following outline.I. Privatizing the selected sanction (one to one and a half pages)A. A brief history of the privatization movementB. The goals of privately administered sanctionsC. The major players today within the field today and how they administer the sentencesII. Advantages (two – three pages)A. To clientsB. To staffC. To the publicD. To the governmentIII. Disadvantages (two – three pages)A. To clientsB. To staffC. To the publicD. To the governmentIV. Whether the sanction should be administered by the private sector (two – three pages)A. Discussion as to whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantagesB. Your opinion as to whether the sanction should be privatizedC. Evidence that support your opinionD. Discussion of how to measure the success of privatization of the sanctionV. ConclusionA. Summarize the importance of privatization of the selected sanctionB. Restate your positionC. Provide a prediction as to the effects of your position on the administration of intermediate sanctionsVI. Works CitedA. Sources used to present your account of privatization and the justifications for your position.Keep in mind that you are writing to persuade an audience of the viability of privatizing a specific intermediate sanction. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages to all parties concerned before making your decision. Your papers must be TYPED in 12-point font, 1.5 spacing, and one-inch margins. All papers must include a bibliography with a minimum 10 sources and at least 25 citations within the paper using APA style 6thedition.

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